Jacksonville Youth Council

Giving Youth a Voice

The Jacksonville Youth Council (JYC) primary mission is to give local youth a voice within the local government and to engage peers in community civic activities. Initially designed to only admit high school students who attend schools in the Jacksonville area, the Jacksonville Youth Council is now open to all high school students within Onslow County.

JYC Are Future Leaders

A goal of the office is to instill the goal for students to make leaving Jacksonville after education an option, not a requirement. This goal involves building affinity for the community and advancing knowledge among peers about Jacksonville and Onslow County.

What JYC Does

The JYC elects their own offices and decides the functions and roles they wish to perform. They meet regularly with the city’s elected and appointed officials. Meetings are held monthly in either City Council Chambers or at the Jacksonville Youth Center, both on New Bridge Street in Jacksonville.

Youth Council Activities

The JYC participates in activities year round including council meetings, spring break, charity and philanthropy, National Day of Service, day trips, city events and ceremonies, youth summits, the holiday parade, and more. Register here for all Youth Council Activities.


Want to Join?

We can all make a difference in our community. To join the Jacksonville Youth Council, contact Senior Neighborhood Improvement Services Coordinator Pamela Trafton to find out about meetings, programs, and event dates or call 910 938-6551. Be sure to check out the Jacksonville Youth Council on Facebook and Instagram.

Current and Former JYCers: Send in Your Testimonials!

We are creating a video to encourage future Jacksonville Youth Council students to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to network, learn leadership skills, volunteer in the community and make a difference for youth in Jacksonville and Onslow County. Here's how you can help:

  • Grab your phone 
  • Find a nice or unique (but quiet) setting 
  • Record yourself saying a bunch of great things about Youth Council
  • Submit your video to jyc@jacksonvillenc.gov 

Don't know what to say? Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What is your name?
  • What high school and/or college did you attend; when did you graduate?
  • What have you been doing since your time in the Youth Council?
  • How did the Youth Council help prepare you for your future?
  • What skills did you learn or improve during your time in the Youth Council?
  • What was your favorite memory or event while in the Youth Council?
  • What is your advice for current members in the Youth Council? 

Tips for creating your video:

  1. Make sure you speak clearly and avoid a location with background noise.
  2. Make sure you have some sort of light on your face (lamps, sunlight, a selfie halo, etc).
  3. Choose a background that isn't too distracting; avoid posters, windows and logos.
  4. Aim for presentable attire with no logos -- but be yourself!

Thanks for participating, and have fun!