About the Institutes

New River Institutes at Sturgeon City logoNew River Institutes at Sturgeon City

New River Institutes at Sturgeon City offer a unique opportunity for a life enriching experience against the backdrop of the successful Wilson Bay Initiative, a project helping to restore our local habitat. The Institutes are offered as a service of the City of Jacksonville with the cooperation of the Onslow County School system and are operated by Sturgeon City of Jacksonville nonprofit. 

Students have the opportunity to learn about  Fire & Police sciences, biology, chemistry, art and leadership. Instructors and guides are specifically chosen because of their subject knowledge, their concern for the community, and their ability to work with students.SCI Police Institutes

Want to Apply?

  • Find more information and download an application at the official Register for the Institutes
  • Institutes are free as a service of the City of Jacksonville
  • Institutes are open to high school students who want to learn more about their community and environment and improve their life experiences
  • It is mandatory that students attend each day of the Institute during scheduled hours
  • Some institutes may require additional information for consideration
  • Students in the Onslow County and Department of Defense school systems are given preference
  • Students must select only one institute to attend as they run concurrent

Participants must be able to certify they can attend all days of the institute they select. We are not able to accommodate students who cannot participate in all days of the institute.