Dilapidated house.jpgDemolition

Demolition and Clearance of dilapidated properties play a key role in fighting slum and blight in Jacksonville. Structures that are falling apart and are beyond repair:

  • Have safety issues 
  • Structural issues that pose immediate danger to anyone who enters
  • Pose health issues for neighboring properties and communities

Cost Saving Alternative to Demolition - Training

Consider partnering with Jacksonville Fire & Emergency Services. They are looking for structure that they can burn in a controlled manner to use for training purposes.  Why should you consider this alternative:

  • Helps reduce the cost of demolition
  • Clears space for a safe dwelling to be built
  • Helps out your Community and provides a place for first responders to train.

2013-12-burn-train-NewberryStIMG_0720Criteria for Fire & Emergency Services Training

  • Structure must be in a dilapidated condition and pose a health and safety problem
  • Structure must be unoccupied and located within the City limits
  • Structure must have no outstanding liens, judgments, taxes, or pending litigation
  • Structure must be inspected by the City of Jacksonville’s Code Enforcement or Inspections Department


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