Demolition and Clearance of dilapidated properties plays a key role in fighting slum and blight in Jacksonville. Structures that are falling apart and are beyond repair pose safety and health issues for neighboring properties and community members.

Demolition for JFES Training

Jacksonville Fire & Emergency Services can use some structures as a controlled burn for training purposes. If you are a property owner looking to demolish a structure, consider partnering with JFES. Partnering with JFES can help reduce the cost of the demolition while helping improve the neighborhood and providing a good training experience for Fire personnel.

2013-12-burn-train-NewberryStIMG_0720Criteria for JFES Training:

  • Structure must be in a dilapidated condition and pose a health and safety problem
  • Structure must be unoccupied and located within the City limits
  • Structure must have no outstanding liens, judgments, taxes, or pending litigation
  • Structure must be inspected by the City of Jacksonville’s Code Enforcement or Inspections Department


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