Data & Map Prices

GIS Maps & Data

Jacksonville's GIS Division is organized under the City's Information Technology Services (ITS) Department and provides Geographical Information support to all departments and divisions within the structure of the City of Jacksonville and to the citizens of Jacksonville.

Online Mapping

An online mapping program is now available for public use. This program will allow you to interactively browse a digital map and get detailed information about locations within the City of Jacksonville.

GIS Mapping Layers

We are also able to offer for distribution several of our GIS mapping layers. The information is available to the public free of charge as long as no data conversion is necessary. If the information is to be placed on a CD, the individual will have to provide the disks or pay our costs of material. Some of the principal layers that are available are:

  • Color orthophotography
  • Parcel boundaries
  • Zoning districts
  • Voting districts
  • City limit
  • Extraterritorial jurisdiction boundary
  • Water, sewer, and drainage lines
  • Census tract boundaries
  • Street centerlines
  • Park and recreation areas
  • Point locations of community facilities coded by type and including facility name (schools, hospitals, etc.)

Requesting GIS Services

Requests for GIS support can be made via email with the following information being provided:

  • Date of request
  • Name of requestor
  • Department and / or division
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Requested due date
  • Requested priority: High, medium, low
  • Need for request
  • Brief description of request: (include size of map or scale, type of information needed on the map - such as north arrow, street names, city limits, ETJ, waterways, parcels, etc.)

Once the request has been received by the GIS Coordinator, it will be reviewed, assigned a priority, and a due date. This information will be passed on to the requestor. The requestor may be asked for more information from the GIS coordinator in order to provide you with the best possible quality of map.

Requests for maps or data that does not already exist will need to be paid for in advance. The fee for these GIS services is $30 per hour.

For more information about requesting GIS services, please call City ITS Department at 910 938-5297.