Zoning & Code Violation

City Ordinances & Codes

The City of Jacksonville's code of ordinances can be viewed online at this link. The City's Unified Development Ordinance is a comprehensive document containing all of the zoning ordinances.

City Zoning & Code Violations

The City of Jacksonville is working to keep our neighborhoods clean and green. Zoning & Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing City ordinances where violations of structures and properties and other public nuisances occur. Enforcement efforts are also in place to help educate Citizens on maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy living environment.

If a violation occurs, Zoning & Code Enforcement officers work closely with Citizens in an effort to correct violations to meet municipal codes and land use requirements.

Common Violations Investigated:

  • Illegal home occupations
  • Building setbacks
  • Unapproved land uses
  • Portable signs
  • Banners
  • High grass and weeds
  • Trash and debris
  • Junk vehicles
  • Minimum housing complaints

Report a Violation

Help keep our City clean and green by reporting a violation If you are aware of a zoning or code violation, or suspect that a violation exists, contact Zoning & Code Enforcement at 910 938-5286.

Zoning & Code Enforcement officers will typically respond to a complaint within 48 to 72 hours; however, there is a “due process” that affects the amount of time it may take to actually obtain compliance. The process is as follows:

  1. Complaint received
  2. Inspection conducted
  3. If valid complaint, notice sent
  4. Seven to fifteen days are given to property owner to respond
  5. Second inspection conducted to verify compliance
  6. If property not brought into compliance, the city may hire contractors to resolve the issue
  7. Minimum housing complaints have a slightly different process and requires additional due process steps