Business Safety

Business Safety Resources

Jacksonville Police provide a variety of ways to help keep our local businesses a safe place to work and shop. If you would like any additional information on business resources, please call Jacksonville Police at 910-455-4000.

Shoplifting Seminars

Seminars pertaining to profit loss, due to employee theft or loss of merchandise, are available to store owners and managers. Employees are assembled and given a specific block of instruction on the proper way to approach and handle a shoplifter. Facts emerge that one of 12 persons who enter the store today is a potential shoplifter.

Police officers stand with community members at a local business

Preventing Business Crime

Seminars are presented by the Community Services Division to local store merchants on ways to prevent business crime. Such items as employee screening, key control, inventory, and accessibility to money.

Robbery Prevention Seminars

Seminars are presented by the Community Services Division to any bank or business in the Jacksonville area. Topics covered are:

  • How to remain calm during a robbery
  • Obeying commands
  • Activating the alarm
  • Hostage situations
  • If shooting starts, how to get a good description of a robber and a description of the getaway car

Employee Theft Program

Not all criminals roam the streets of the nation's cities. Many spend their time as employees in businesses. There, disguised as honest citizens, they pilfer whatever comes to hand, and often tamper with records to cover up their thefts. To prevent pilferage, an owner-manager must recognize that some employees cannot be trusted and they must make all employees aware that they are taking steps to thwart dishonesty. Such steps include setting up a system of loss prevention. The Jacksonville Police Department Community Services Division provides training to local merchants on employee theft.

Recognizing Bad Checks

The passing of bad checks costs businesses billions of dollars each year. The Jacksonville Police Department Community Services Division offers a recourse by providing training to local merchants of how to detect bad checks: Know the bank, examine the amount, examine the back of the check, look at the paper and demand identification. All these are just a few of the ways to recognize a bad check.

Business Identification Decal System

In order to help local merchants secure their businesses, the Jacksonville Police Department Community Services Division offers a business security survey program. Security recommendations are made during the evaluation. Such security topics discussed shall include target items, lighting, key access, inventory procedures, and money left on premises. As the business security survey is conducted other crime prevention program are recommended, depending on the type of business, shoplifting seminars, employee theft, recognizing bad checks, robbery prevention, etc...

Jacksonville Police also offers resources in in business security surveys, work place violence and bank alarms seminars.