Home Security

Survey Program

Jacksonville Police are here to help with safety throughout the community and at home. The Home Security Survey Program helps families identify weaknesses in your home security that might make your home an easy target for a burglary. Police will make written recommendations for improvements in safety.

Jacksonville Police are proud to state that homes that have been surveyed and had recommended improvements made, have not been broken into. The survey program was established in 1977.

Operations Identification (OPID)

The OPID program helps to identify stolen property and requires an identifying number, preferably driver's license, to be engraved in a visible place. All items marked are listed and a copy maintained for future reference. This program acts as a deterrent. An item marked for identification that can easily be seen makes the merchandise unattractive for stealing or reselling.

Buying the right lock

There are many locking devices available on the market today. Jacksonville Police has a lock display that help you to make an informed decision about keeping your possessions safe.

For assistance with locks, identification, or to have Jacksonville Police provide you with safety improvements to your home, please call 910 455-4000.