Special Event Permit

A Special Event is defined by the Jacksonville Recreation and Parks Department as an organized activity such as a walk/run, fair, festival, expo or other gathering hosted by a third party on Jacksonville Recreation and Parks Department property for public or private entertainment, that requires the general or exclusive use of one or more facilities or features that may:

  • Be advertised or open to the public
  • Attract more than 100 people at any time during the event
  • Require the use of the facility or park for more than 4 hours
  • Provide some form of entertainment such as shows, music, demonstrations, etc.
  • Offers items for sale
  • Require maintenance, sanitation and/or public safety services above and beyond what is already provided on a daily basis

Please note that all of our facilities are public property, so there are certain guidelines that must be followed.  Policing, trash removal, proper care of the facility used, sanitation services, crowd control, insurance, type of use and related traffic/parking issues must be considered and addressed before a permit can be issued. A fee for trash receptacles or recycle bins for events will be applied to applications received on or after January 1, 2024. 

Please review the Special Event Organizer Responsibilities below prior to submitting your application.  This information will assist you in having all of the required information prior to attempting to complete the application.

If your event matches at least one of the above criteria, please complete the Special Event Permit Application.  Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Applying for an event does not guarantee that your event will be approved.  Selling tickets, advertising or promotion prior to approval is at the risk of the event organizer.

Special Event Organizer Responsibilities

As the organizer of a Special Event being held on Jacksonville Recreation and Parks Department facilities, there are additional responsibilities that must be complied with.  Event organizers are expected to be responsive to communication regarding the event from City of Jacksonville staff. Below is a checklist of items to consider before you submit your application:

  • Does the location you are requesting fully fit the needs of your event?
  • There are additional permits or documents that may be required depending on the activity taking place during your event.  These include but are not limited to:
    1. NC Department of Revenue Sales Tax Registration
    2. An Event Organizer Application to be submitted to the Onslow County Environmental Health Department
    3. An Application & Permit to Parade, Picket, Assemble or Demonstrate to be submitted with the Jacksonville Public Safety Department
    4. An Application for Amplified Sound to be submitted with the Jacksonville Public Safety Department
    5. An Application for Required Fire Code-Construction & Operational Permits to be submitted to the Jacksonville Public Safety Department
    6. A site plan for your event that includes the layout of activities, a parking plan, as well as a traffic plan
    7. A route map if you are holding a walk or run that shows start/finish area, water stations and first aide stations
    8. A Certificate of Insurance providing proof of commercial liability coverage, automobile liability coverage and workers' compensation coverage.  More details regarding this requirement will be provided before permit is approved.

Please note: Inflatable items, amusement rides, water slides, etc. are not permitted on City property.