Certain ditches and streams in the City of Jacksonville carry stormwater that has drained from City-maintained streets. It is the policy of the City of Jacksonville to ensure that the flow of water in these ditches / streams is maintained. The City and residents both share in the responsibility to keep our drains flowing.

City Responsibilities

The City will work to remove obstructions from ditches or creeks that area blocking the flow of stormwater that is coming from a City-maintained street. The City will clear necessary drainage areas to insure the proper flow of stormwater.

City crews will not clear brush or high grass along the ditch banks. City crews may clear that portion of vegetation that is directly blocking the flow of stormwater in the ditch or creek. Vegetative growth retardants will be used where appropriate.

A monthly ditch maintenance is scheduled for areas that have been identified for work. Ditches will be worked on as calls are received or as problem areas are identified. Emergencies will be completed as quickly as possible by City crews.

City forces are not authorized to perform work in ditches or drainage ways that do not carry stormwater from city maintained streets or city property.

Property Owner Responsibilities

In areas having front swales, the property owner is responsible for keeping the swales in the condition he/she wishes it maintained. City forces will ensure the flow of stormwater in those roadside ditches.

Easement areas remain the property of individual property owners. While the City ensures the flow of stormwater in the ditches in those easements, it is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the remainder of the easement in whatever manner he/she desires (Jacksonville City Code Section 23-7). This includes brush and high grass along ditch banks. These easements may not be filled in nor may anything be placed in them to impede the flow of water (North Carolina General Statute 77-14).