Pollution Prevention 101

Jacksonville Landing Boat Ramp, New River in JacksonvilleSome Basics for Pollution Prevention

When it comes to stormwater, there are simple steps you can take at home to prevent pollution from entering our local waterways. 

  • Wash your vehicle in the grass - This action, an environmentally friendly carwash, helps prevent soap and chemical from polluting our ecosystem and instead is naturally filtered into the ground. Please consider using soaps that are environmentally friendly.
  • Pick up after your pet - One reason to pick up after your pet besides stepping in a pets waste (yuck!), is that animal pet waste can enter our local waterways with and taint our water with fecal coliform bacteria and nutrients that may be harmful to marine life.
  • Bag or stack your yard waste clear of the street and storm drains - When you are prepping your yard waste for pick up, please be sure to keep loose items clear of storm drainsLeaves, grass clippings and other yard waste can have chemicals from lawn treatment and can easily clog drains which can cause flooding and clutter waterways. 
  • Don’t Pollute Our roadways - Please do not throw trash along the road side. It can end up in our waterways and pollute. Although some organizations do pick up trash, they cannot get it all. Dispose of your trash properly.
  • Boaters, kayakers, and recreational fishermen - Please do not throw trash into the river. Secure your trash on your vessel or in a container and dispose of it properly.   

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