Minimum Code Requirements

Minimum Housing Code Requirements

  • Walls shall not list, lean, buckle or be rotted, deteriorated, or damaged
  • Floors shall have adequate support and strength to be reasonably safe
  • Foundations shall not be deteriorated or damaged
  • Steps, stairs, landings shall be maintained to not fail or collapse
  • Interior walls / ceilings shall be maintained to reasonable privacy
  • Roof shall be maintained to be weather and watertight
  • Plumbing shall be maintained in good repair, heating system is required and operable, electrical fixtures, receptacles, and equipment shall be in good state of repair

Public Nuisance

  • Injures or endangers health, safety, or welfare of others
  • Offends decency
  • Offensive to the senses
  • Obstructs or blocks public or private streets; highway, sidewalk, stream, ditch, or drainage
  • Interferes with comfortable enjoyment of life and property, or tends to depreciate the value of the property of others