Violation Examples

Examples of Code Violations

Some examples of of a code violation may include, noxious weeds, grass or weeds taller than 8 inches on average and accumulation of dead weeds, grass or brush. Accumulation of trash, junk or other abandoned materials, any condition which harbors rats, mice, snakes or other vermin, obnoxious odors and stagnant water are also considered code violations

Junk Vehicle

  • Junk vehicles can be breeding ground for mosquitoes, insects, rodents or other pests, be a point of heavy growth of weeds, collection of pools or ponds of water and points of concentration of gas, oil or other flammables
  • Junk vehicles may also have a danger of falling or turning over or may be offensive to sight, resulting in diminished property values
  • A junk vehicle is a vehicle left on a street or highway for seven or more days, left on City property longer than 24 hours or left on private property without consent of owner for longer than two hours
  • Does not display a “current” license plate partially dismantled or wrecked and cannot be self-propelled
  • Is more than five years old and appears to be worth less than $500