Report a Crime

Did You Witness or Are You a Victim of a Crime? Report it

If you witness a crime or are a victim of crime, report it. Unfortunately only about half of all crimes are ever reported. If you don't report it, law enforcement cannot do anything to help. Police say information from people like you is the key to solving many crimes.

Follow this rule: If you see a crime, suspect a crime, or a threatening situation call law enforcement fast so that they can act fast. The longer you wait, the harder it is to catch the criminal. Even an anonymous tip is better than no report at all.

What Do You Remember? Crime Details

When reporting a crime, be sure to give the following information:

  • Your name (optional)
  • Your location (optional)
  • What crime is being committed?
  • Where is the crime occurring?
  • Who is involved?
  • What do they look like?
  • What does the vehicle look like?
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It's Your Job to Report a Crime & Law Enforcement's Job to Apprehend and Solve it

Remember, your job is to report crime. The responsibility for apprehending criminals belongs to the police, and once you have reported the crime, stick to it. It pays to prosecute. Three-fourths of the criminals who are prosecuted are found guilty.

Being a witness in court is not as much trouble as you think. Many communities have special programs to help victims and witnesses with transportation, day care services and scheduling of their cases.

You Can Report a Crime by:

Phone 910 938-7585 (Non-emergency) 9-1-1 (Emergency)

Online Online Crime Reporting

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For further information on crime victims rights and services visit the Department of Public Safety website, or call 919-733-7974

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