Abuse & Pregnancy

Domestic Abuse & Pregnancy

Some men abuse their partner for the first time when she becomes pregnant. The male may feel jealous of his partner’s focus on the pregnancy and the impending birth of their children. Statistically, 5% to 25% of pregnant women are battered. In just one hospital emergency room 21% of the pregnant women who arrived for treatment had been battered. Pregnant women who are battered are four times more likely to bear infants with low birth weight. Many birth defects result from abuse during pregnancy.

Some characteristics of a battered women:

  • Accepts traditional male / female roles
  • Is passive, placating and easily dominated
  • Equates dominance with masculinity
  • Feels she has no human rights, including the right not to be hit
  • Accepts guilt even when she has done no wrong
  • Feels that she must help her mate
  • Acts as a buffer between her partner and the rest of the world, including their children
  • Needs to be needed
  • Underestimates or ignores the danger of the situation
  • Has unshakable faith that things will improve, or feels that there is absolutely nothing she can do about her situation
  • Bases self-worth on her ability to “catch” and “keep” a man
  • Suffer from low self-esteem
  • Doubts her own sanity

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