Burning Regulations within the City Limits

Open Burning within the City Limits

Open burning within the city limits of Jacksonville is not permitted without the following criteria of City Ordinance 8 to 79 being met.

A permit is required from the Fire Chief, the Fire Marshal, or his authorized representative for all fires conducted outside of a building. Permits will not be issued unless the burning operation complies with all state and federal air pollution authority rules. The following exceptions are hereby allowed :

  • Fires kindled for the instruction of personnel in methods of fighting fires;
  • Small fires kindled in or upon the ground, with provisions made to prevent the spread of fire, or in a barbecue pit, exterior fireplace, cook-out device or other similar out-of-doors eating or cooking device, when conducted in a safe and prudent manner; or
  • Small fires kindled in a safe location and preferably within a noncombustible enclosure and with provisions made to prevent the spread of fire, for the purpose of human warmth and comfort.

(Ord. No. 86 to 04, § 1, January 21, 1986)

Ord. No. 86 to 04, adopted January 21, 1986, provided that a new section be added to Art. III of Ch. 8. Such section has been included herein as § 8-79