Information Technology provides City-wide support for all computer systems, GIS systems, telephone systems, and security systems. The department is responsible for analyzing and implementing the electronic needs of all City departments according to response time, storage requirements, hardware and software services, and insuring that adequate training is available to users.

The Information Technology Department plans, purchases, manages, and maintains the computing and telecommunications hardware, software, and networking infrastructure to support the many Departments of the City in providing their services to the citizens.

Every desk in the City is equipped with a computer and the software necessary for that staff member to work effectively. Each of these desktops is connected to an extensive network that communicates with the servers and minicomputers that provide the computing power for the City.

There is also a comprehensive Voice over IP telephone system that runs across the City network which provides telephone support to the City staff as well as giving citizens access to City Services.

The IT Department maintains a highly qualified staff of IT Specialists needed to support the Departments and maintain this extensive infrastructure. The services ITS provides include such things as Application Development, Email, Internet access, Geographic Information Services (GIS), Telephones, and Network Management.

Our goal is to provide the best possible support to the Departments of the City so that they may serve the citizens of Jacksonville effectively and efficiently.