ITS Strategic Plan

The City of Jacksonville is maturing in their management and use of information technology (IT) to improve City services. They have taken care of many of the basics of IT service delivery – stabilizing and improving their infrastructure including introducing redundancy, implementing a technology refresh program, deploying enterprise applications, implementing a Citywide wireless network, recognizing the value of a Citywide Geographic Information System (GIS) resource, and planning ahead for their IT needs. As such, they are beginning to focus on needs such as maximizing value from their existing IT investments and evolving the IT Services (ITS) Department into consultants

Our firm found City leadership who recognize the value of technology and City departments that are supportive of the IT Director and his staff. Additionally, City employees are focused on their customers, truly committed to continual improvement of their service delivery, open to suggestions, and willing to work together. Satisfaction surveys revealed that customers are very satisfied with services from the ITS Department and ITS staff are satisfied with their working conditioning and relationships. These qualities put the City in the position to execute an outstanding Strategic Technology Plan and continue to reap the benefits of their investments in IT.

Despite these very positive findings, City Departments still believe that IT is under-resourced and that their departmental IT needs are not being met to the level they desire. Furthermore, they believe that they often get caught up in handling day-to-day issues and are not able to be as proactive as they wish. Finally, they correctly sense that they are not taking advantage of all the functionality available to them from their current IT systems.

The issues of IT resource constraints and meeting departmental IT needs can be addressed through:

  • Implementation of IT demand management with a participatory Citywide IT governance process, which ensures that the organization’s IT resources are focused on the City’s recognized priorities and sets expectations appropriately; and
  • Development of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between ITS and each department, which clarifies responsibilities and further manages expectations.

Since the City is implementing both IT Governance and SLAs, it should quickly see further improvements in both IT customer and staff satisfaction as well as a better understanding and acceptance of where their limited IT resources are being used.

With regard to taking full advantage of functionality available in existing IT systems, several of the priorities recommended in this report, such as establishing an IT Super Users Program, implementing an IT Training Assessment Program, and redefining pre and post-implementation training requirements, will help address this issue. Finally, providing resources to ITS to allow it to evolve its consulting and research functions will address the issue of moving into a proactive position.

The CIO Collaborative is pleased to present the results of its engagement with the City of Jacksonville for IT consulting services. These services were delivered within the time allocated and according to contract terms.

ITS Strategic Plan (PDF)