Network & Operations

The City of Jacksonville Employees are becoming more and more dependant on the services offered by the Information Technology Services department. The goal of the ITS department is to ensure that the network and all operations are fully functional for the use of all citizens and employees at all times. The City of Jacksonville uses many different programs to facilitate all the City does for the citizens and its employees. It is the duty of the ITS department to train and assist all users in these programs.

All remote locations in the City are tied centrally together with our Wide Area Network technology. We provide the employees with email, and a Voice Over IP network for communication. Many City employees are issued a cell phone to help facilitate their need for communication. The ITS department supplies support for all applications each division within the City may have; assisting with any technical purchases and research. We assist each user in defining their needs for digital cameras, computers, printers, etc.

ITS maintains two (2) AS400 systems to provide redundant processing for Public Safety and Public Administration. The department has also implemented ways for the public to interact with the City officials and employees. Currently the citizens are able to pay utility bills online; view council meeting minutes; view council meetings in progress; check the status of building permits, inspections and plans; view business license information and renew business licenses; complete an on-line job application, search and apply for job vacancies and update their on-line job application; view and register open bids, quotes and proposals; city to resident notification system. We are attempting to make the City’s website as user friendly as possible and make as many services available as possible. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for available services.


Since September of 2001, security has become a phenomenal issue around the nation. As other facilities around the country have done, the City of Jacksonville has increased the physical security of their facilities, and has taken many precautions against attacks via the internet.

In 2002, the Information Technology Services department installed an ID system for City Hall. Exterior and internal doors have card readers on them. Each employee is required to scan their badge before entering a secured area. In 2003, the ITS department completed the install of the same system in the Police Department.

The ITS department, in conjunction with Public Services implemented additional security to ensure the safety of the water facilities. Cameras and an alarm system were installed at all remote locations, making it possible for 24 hour surveillance of all facilities.

The ITS department is responsible for the security of all computers, servers and the data that resides on them. The department has installed the necessary virus software on all machines, and ensures that all patches and updates are installed. ITS also maintains the necessary equipment to ensure that no damage or illegal entry to our systems or data can be accomplished.