Fire Prevention Division

image008Fire Prevention

Jacksonville Fire and Emergency Services works to educate Citizens about fire prevention, offering tips and guidelines for safety at home and on the job. The Division also manages fire inspections within the City limits and extra territorial jurisdiction. The City's main goal is to keep you free and safe from fire through education, inspections, and community outreach.

To meets goals, the Division focuses on:

  • Overseeing fire protection requirements during commercial construction or renovation, including plan reviews, permits, and associated fees
  • Knox Box program, where with one master key, Firefighters can quickly gain access to commercial and residential property during emergency situations.
  • Fire Investigations - The division is responsible for fire investigations, determining cause of fire and reporting these findings, and also assists with completing fire prevention/life safety programs for local business, civic groups and any other organization upon request. 
  • Additional duties -  Tier II reports, property history, community event requests, car seat program, smoke alarm program, Remembering When program, burning in the City of Jacksonville, home safety checks and fire extinguisher training.

Jacksonville Fire and Emergency Services Prevention Division consists of one Fire Marshal, one Assistant Fire Marshal and Community Risk Reduction Specialist.