Coastal Area Management Act

Pursuant to State of North Carolina requirements per the Coastal Area Management Act, Jacksonville staff, residents, and consultants have created an update to the 1996 CAMA Land Use Plan. This updated Plan reflects demographic, environmental and development trends as well as goals, policies and maps to guide future development.

The CAMA Land Use Plan (PDF) fulfills both short-term and long-term functions for the City. It is one of the foundations for all land use and development decisions made by the City and should be referred to by both City staff and decision-makers when making decisions about development applications and other land uses issues. One of the most important elements of the CAMA plan is the Future Land Use Map (PDF).

Lake dock

In the short-term, the Plan is used as:

  • A reference for applicants in evaluating the types of development that are desired by the City; and
  • A guide for elected and appointed decision-makers for taking action on development applications that come before them.

The Plan also functions as a long-term guide for decisions about capital expenditures and facilities. The Plan provides guidance about possible revisions to the City’s development regulations and other management tools. It also includes an action plan for City staff in determining new projects and programs that will support the implementation of the Plan and actualization of its stated goals.