Downtown Master Plan

The Downtown Master Plan (PDF) provides an opportunity to integrate recommendations from previous plans, while revisiting and re-studying the downtown area given the number of changes that have occurred since the previous plans were adopted. After a series of tours, public charrettes, and design workshops, the final draft of the Downtown Master Plan was completed in August 2007.

The Downtown Master Plan includes recommendations and mechanisms that focus on key areas to redevelop and revitalize the downtown, such as:

  • Preservation of the New River
  • Elimination of blight and encouragement of mixed-use development
  • Attraction of more residents at higher densities
  • Improvement of streetscapes and tourist experiences
  • Encouragement of preferred resident and tourist-supportive commercial development

The Plan not only identifies key themes that focus on the redevelopment and revitalization of the downtown, but also includes recommendations and mechanisms for implementation. The City has already begun implementing many of the recommendations within the draft Downtown Master Plan to accommodate and promote mixed uses, and to create and encourage vibrant, pedestrian-friendly streets, buildings, and public spaces.

Family walking in downtown New Bridge