Meetings & Members


Meets the first Thursday after the first Monday of certain months at:

  • Noon
  • City Hall
    Johnson Boulevard Conference Room
    815 New Bridge Street
    Jacksonville, NC 28540


City of Jacksonville

2020-10-Bittner_J-crJerry Bittner, Jacksonville
City Council
2020-10-Hargett_G-crGlenn Hargett,  
Assistant County Manager
Don Herring
Don Herring, Chairman
Coastal Carolina Community College
Laurette LeagonLaurette Leagon, Vice Chair
Chamber of Commerce
Carol Hurst Long
Carol Hurst Long
City of Jacksonville Appointee

Cindy Edwards
Cindy Edwards
City of Jacksonville Appointee
Marcia WrightMarcia Wright
City of Jacksonville Appointee
Sandy Wyrick CraneSandra Wyrick Crane
Onslow County Appointee
2020-11-Ciceron_A-Dr Amy Ciceron
City of Jacksonville Appointee
2020-11-Williams_K-Keith Williams
City of Jacksonville Appointee
2020-11-Walker_PRichard Walker
Onslow County Appointee
2020-11-Anderson_BBrent Anderson
Onslow County Schools
2020-11-Davis_A-Andria Davis
Onslow Memorial Hospital
2020-11-Painter_R-Raquel Painter
City of Jacksonville Appointee
2020-11-Shannon_WWilliam Shannon
Onslow County Commissioner
2020-11-Hobbs_S-crStephanie Hobbs

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City of Jacksonville Appointees
Deunta Williams

Onslow County Appointees
Glenn Hasteadt
Onslow County Staff
Sharon Russell

Volunteer and Other Representatives
Sharon McGinnis - Coastal Carolina Community College

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