Commercial Front End Garbage Collection

Sanitation Collection TrucksCommercial Trash Collection

The City offers two types of commercial business services:

  • Commercial dumpster service
  • Small business service
  • Dumpster Rental

To determine the type of service appropriate for your business, Email Sanitation or call the Sanitation Division at (910) 938-5337.

Commercial front end collection services are currently offered 6 days a week and customers can receive pick up to 6 times a week.

Commercial Sanitation Service, City of JacksonvilleThe City Sanitation is the exclusive provider of commercial garbage collection service in Jacksonville. Commercial recycling services are non-exclusive and businesses may choose their own provider for that service. Current customers who rent or have their own dumpster may keep their dumpster.

The commercial front end collection services is an enterprise fund. This means all collection is self funded through fees and will not be subsidized by the City budget.