Bikes on Buses

Riding your bicycle in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville has over 17 miles of trails and greenways for you to get around. Jacksonville Transit also offers bicyclists a way to connect. Ride your bike to a Jacksonville Transit Stop and Hop on to connect to other locations in the City. Transit buses are equipped with bicycle racks for rider use at no additional charge. Be sure to check out the Pedestrian Trail Map to find new trails to explore.
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Loading and Unloading your Bike on the BusBringing bike up to Transit Bus Bike Rack

Step 1: As the bus pulls up, signal the bus operator that you would like to ride. Please make sure the bus has stopped completely before you step in front to load your bike. If the bike rack is full, please wait for the next bus.

Step 2: If the rack is empty, use the trouOpening Bike Rack on Transit Busgh that is furthest away from the bus. Squeeze the release handle on the top of the rack and pull toward you to lower it.

Step 3: Lift your bike and place the Loading Bicycle onto Transit Bus Rackwheels in one of the troughs, with the front wheel toward the spring-loaded bar. If a bike is already in the front rack, load your bike in the back trough, facing the opposite direction as the bike that is already on the rack.

Step 4: Raise the spring-loaded bar up and over the front Loading Bicycle onto Transit Bus Racktire and place it on the top of the tire close to the bike frame.

Step 5: Remove any loose items or valuables from your bike.

Step 6: Board the bus and pay your fare.

Step 7: As you near your stop, remind the operator that you will be removing your bike.

Woman taking bike off bus

Step 8: Get off the bus, then lower the spring-loaded bar from the tire and lift your bike off the rack. Fold up the rack if it is empty.

Man walking off busStep 9: Go to the nearest curbside. Wave to let the bus operator know you and your bike are clear of the bus. Never cross the street in front of the bus; passing traffic cannot see you coming around the bus.

Safety tips:

  • Never step into traffic while loading or unloading a bike
  • Never cross the street in front of the bus
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Be aware of the traffic around you
  • Be aware of blind spots
  • Ride where motorists can see you
  • Be visible - wear brightly colored clothing, especially at night
  • Use bike reflectors

Online Resources:

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