Neighborhood Parks

Parks In Jacksonville

Recreation and Parks has a lot to offer! Jacksonville parks are located throughout the city, near neighborhoods, and along our waterways. City parks feature many different amenities including playgrounds, picnic areas, grills, basketball courts, public restrooms, lit shelter areas, and, above all else, nature at its finest. Best of all jacksonville Parks are open to the Citizens and visitors.

Neighborhood Parks

Jacksonville has several neighborhood parks that have varying facilities and views. These parks, although smaller in size compared to others, have a charm of their own and serve the City's Citizens in unique ways. Visitors will find play areas for their children, shelters for public use, sports fields, well maintained landscaping, water views and quiet places to walk and relax.

Branchwood Park - 305 Audubon Dr
Amenities: Nature Trail, Playground
Hours 7AM-9PM

Brook Valley Park - 350 Estate Drive
Amenities: Grill, Playground, Shelter
Hours 7AM-9PM

Georgetown Park - 250 Georgetown Road
Amenities: Basketball Courts, Grill, Multipurpose field, Playground, Restrooms, Shelter, Walking trail with fitness equipment
Hours 7AM-9PM

Kerr Street Park - 36 Kerr Street
Amenities: Softball-Baseball Field, Basketball Courts, Grill, Playground, Restrooms Nearby, Shelter, Tennis Courts
Recreation Center - Multipurpose Room, Restrooms

Phillips Park - 150 Phillips Road
Amenities: Open Field, Basketball Courts, Playground, Agility Play area, Shelter, Waterfront
Hours 7AM-9PM

Rev EW Wooten Park - 411 Wooten Park Drive
Amenities: Basketball Courts, Grill, Playground, Restrooms, Shelter
Hours 7AM-9PM

Sherwood Forest Park 212 A Nottingham Road
Amenities: Grill, Playground, Shelter, Wooded Area
Hours 7AM-9PM

Wilson Bay Park - 5 West Bayshore Drive
AmenitiesGazebo, Playground, Shelter, Restrooms, Waterfront

Woodlands Park - 300 Morgan Road
Amenities: Grill, Multipurpose field, Playground, Shelter

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Adopt - A - Park or Trail

The City of Jacksonville Adopt-A-Park or Trail is a great way to give back locally and make a difference in your community. Help keep Jacksonville Clean & Green. Learn more