Memorials & Honors Program

FountainMemorials and Honors Program

This program provides opportunities for tributes in the form of trees, flowers and banners within a wide range of donations. The program is designed to help build on our urban forestry and support beautification efforts in the City. This program is a ‘beautiful’ way to honor your loved ones and share in the beauty of our local landscapes, and the City has designed the program to fit varying budgets.


The program provides Citizens a way to honor and memorialize loved ones and pays for itself without a cost to taxpayers. This program, evolved through the Clean & Green Jacksonville effort, provides additional beautification efforts throughout the City and builds a register of Community giving online, at City Hall and eventually at parks and other locations. The Jacksonville Memorials and Honors Program includes donations to plant a tree for a green space or park, contributions towards the planting of a tree for a green space or park, seasonal plantings in City parks and greenways and etched brick paver donations for the Freedom Fountain or Public Safety Memorial.


The Memorials and Honors Program provides donation opportunities at varying budgets. Donations less than $100 are accepted in tribute to honor or as a memorial and will be aggregated until an amount reached enough to fund a tree. Each honoree or person for whom the memorial gift is made will be listed separately and a numbered tree would be listed as the personification of that tribute.


Memorials and Honors Cover Opens in new windowThe City of Jacksonville keeps a register of all donations to the Memorials and Honors Program. This list is available online and at City Hall. The list includes donors name, honoree name, amount donated, type of planting and location. As of 2014, trees are no longer marked with a plaque due to cost, and in an effort to concentrate funds on purchase of plantings. Existing markers will remain in place but not replaced when damaged. When able the City plans to add signage at major parks or planting locations identifying plantings. Temporary signage will be placed at locations where seasonal honors or memorials are made.

Traditional Tree Memorial

For a contribution, an honor or a memorial can be made for a person or event. A memorial is for a person or persons who are deceased. An honor would be for an event, a person or a group. Honors could include graduation, a milestone birthday, a significant achievement or some other life event.

The contribution is recorded in a master registry that will be available online and is searchable. The family of a person being memorialized would be notified at the discretion of the donor, or the person being honored would be notified if so desired. The database would detail where the tree is, and who made the contribution, unless the donor wished to remain anonymous.

Flowers$50 - Suggested minimum contribution to the tree fund in honor or memory of someone. These funds will be combined with other donations to plant a tree at a City Park or site as needed.

$100 - This will fully fund a single tree planted in honor or memory at a location. The tree type and the location will be selected by the City based on the master plan for parks, fields and City maintained areas.

$200 - This will fully fund a single specimen or key tree planted in honor or memory. This would include trees planted as part of the master plan at a park, such as the Sturgeon City Park or a special tree at an athletic field. See box at right. Certain locations can only contain trees appropriate for that location.

Any amount less than $100 would be accepted for a tribute in honor or as a memorial. Since this would not fully fund a tree, several donations would be aggregated until an amount reached enough to fund a tree. In the register of Memorials & Tributes, each honoree or person for whom the memorial gift was made would be listed separately and a numbered tree would be listed as the tribute.

Seasonal Plantings

$500 - City Hall, Riverwalk Crossing Park, Median or other

$800 - Downtown Train Depot, Sturgeon City, Jacksonville Commons Adult-Senior Building, Recreation Center or other area

$1,000 - Larger beds at City Gateway Sign or Freedom Fountain

$2,500 - All park beds at Riverwalk Crossing Park

Brick paver installation at the Freedom FountainEtched Pavers at the Freedom Fountain

The Freedom Fountain is located at New Bridge Street and Johnson Boulevard, the gateway to downtown Jacksonville. The fountain honors all individuals who have served and are serving the United States of America and especially those who have passed through Onslow County in the service of their country.

Each paver donated is engraved in honor of a loved one. You can choose from three sizes; a single paver at $100, a square paver $250 or four square paver for $1,000. Pavers are placed on the walkway between the wall and fountain.

Etched Pavers at Reflective Garden and Fountain, Public Safety Complex

Located next to the New River along Marine Boulevard in Jacksonville, the Public Safety Remembrance Garden is a scenic environment located on the grounds of the new Center for Public Safety. This space includes a fountain, sitting area, flowering tree landscaping and brick pavers and is a place to reflect and honor the men and women who have given their lives in the line of duty.

Brick pavers are available for purchase, as a permanent part of the garden and may memorialize departed officers, friends or loved ones who have served in public safety. Pavers are $100 for a single paver.

Memorials & Honors Donation Brochure and Form (PDF)