Mission Statement


To provide the leadership, vision and oversight to ensure the responsible stewardship of Jacksonville's resources for the effective, efficient, and economical delivery of municipal services for today and for the future.


Jacksonville, whose abundant natural resources, healthy environment, military presence, and vibrant economy, make it the best place to live, work, play and visit.

Adopted Goals

  • Goal 1: Develop strategies to improve the quality of life, sustainability of the community, enhance employment opportunities, encourage economic development, and protect the environmental quality of Jacksonville
  • Goal 2: Utilizing an inclusive approach to problem solving and community progress, create relationships and partnerships at the State, legislative delegation, regional, military and local levels designed to build a strong economic future for the Jacksonville community.
  • Goal 3: Develop and implement strategies to further downtown redevelopment
  • Goal 4: Assess and appropriately respond to the needs and quality of life of the community
  • Goal 5: Ensure infrastructure which is adequate to meet current needs and plan for infrastructure for the future growth of the Jacksonville community
  • Goal 6: Maintain current key relationships with the Onslow County Commission, the military community, ONWASA, and others, and build additional key relationships which will produce a quality Jacksonville community
  • Goal 7: Establish and maintain programs for the workforce which takes a holistic approach to skill set improvement, personal health improvement, and long-term effectiveness as members of the City's workforce.
  • Goal 8: Be proactive in protecting the safety and welfare of all Citizens of the Jacksonville community
  • Goal 9: Be an innovative government, embrace technology and identify new approaches to serve our Citizens and to accomplish outstanding service delivery.
  • Goal 10: Utilizing Clean and Green Jacksonville, make Jacksonville the cleanest community on the east coast of North Carolina

Adopted by the Jacksonville City Council

Download the full mission statement (PDF).