Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request a fire truck or a firefighter for a function?

Please contact the Fire Prevention Division at 910-455-8080.

Does the Department fill up pools?

Yes, if you live in the Jacksonville City limits and your pool is an in-ground (non-vinyl lined) pool. If you would like to request to have your in-ground pool filled by Jacksonville Fire & Emergency Services, please contact Utility Billing at 910-938-5248 to arrange for payment for water used (the cost varies on the size of the pool). Once payment has been received, Water Billing contacts the Department and someone from Jacksonville Fire & Emergency Services will, in turn, contact you to schedule a mutually convenient time to fill up the pool.

Jacksonville Fire & Emergency Services does not fill vinyl-lined pools as we cannot guarantee the pressure from the hose will not rip your pool liner.

If you have a vinyl-lined pool, contact Utility Billing (number listed above) and provide information on the approximate size of the pool and the date you filled the pool; they will in turn provide an adjustment to the sewer portion of your water bill.

Can the Department recharge my fire extinguisher?

Jacksonville Fire & Emergency Services does not recharge fire extinguishers for the public, but several local businesses do provide this service. These businesses are located in the telephone book in the yellow pages under "Fire Extinguishers." You can also perform an internet search for "fire extinguisher service Jacksonville NC" for a list of businesses.

What size fire extinguisher do I need? What kind of fire extinguisher do I need?

This would depend on the type of coverage that is needed at a given location. By answering a few simple questions, it will become relatively easy to determine the size and type of portable fire extinguisher you require. What is the square footage of the area being protected and what type and quantity of flammables and combustibles are present? Each portable fire extinguisher is designed with a label that indicates what type of fire it is designed to extinguish and the square footage of that coverage. 

For more information go to the Fire Prevention page and click on the Fire Extinguishers tab.

Example: A portable fire extinguisher with a 2-A, 10-BC rating has the capability of extinguishing a two-square-foot class "A" fire (ordinary combustible material such as wood, paper, and cloth). It is also designed to extinguish a ten-square-foot class "B" (flammable/combustible liquids) and a class "C" (electrically energized equipment) fire as well.

What kind of smoke detector do I need?

The type of smoke detector that is preferred is one that is wired into an electrical source and is equipped with a battery backup. these alarms should also activate all other smoke alarms alerting the rest of the occupants of your home. These are single devices and should only be installed in a residential application. Once installed, the smoke detector should be tested at least once per month and the battery should be replaced every six months, or as needed. A smoke detector should be installed in each bedroom, in the hallway on each level of the home, and in the common area. For more information, contact the Fire Prevention Division at 910-455-8080.

I live in the City limits, can I burn leaves and tree limbs in my yard?

No, Open burning of this type is not permitted in the City of Jacksonville. The City offers a free pick-up service for its residents if the debris can be hauled to the curb. For more information, call the City of Jacksonville Sanitation Department at 910-938-5337.

Can I use fire pits or have bonfires in the City limits of Jacksonville?

The City of Jacksonville allows the use of outdoor fireplaces for the purpose of human warmth and comfort as well as cooking. It does not allow it for purposes of clearing and removing yard debris. Fire pits and bonfires are only allowed by special permits and do have a fee associated. For more information, please contact the Fire Prevention Division at 910-455-8080.

Where do I go to obtain a burning permit?

If you live in the City of Jacksonville, there is no burning in the City limits. If you are planning a special event within the City limits (bonfire, etc.), please contact the Fire Prevention Division at 910-455-8080.

If you live in the County, please call the North Carolina Forestry Office at 910-324-3633.

Does the Department offer fire safety training?

Yes. These classes include, but are not limited to Fire Extinguisher training, Evacuation Planning and Fire Drills, Home Fire Safety, and Electrical Hazards at Home and Work. The department also offers fire safety training for special occasions such as Holiday Safety training. This would include the proper use of candles, drop cords, and decorative lighting. One other topic addressed is how to prevent a kitchen fire and what to do in the event a kitchen fire does occur. For more information, contact the Fire Prevention Division at 910-455-8080.

I need to get my CPR certification, does the Department offer CPR classes?

No. Jacksonville Fire & Emergency Services does not offer CPR classes to citizens.

Please contact the Red Cross at 910-347-3581 or Coastal Carolina Community College at 910-938-6294 for their CPR class schedules.

Does the Department perform child car seat inspections/education?

Yes. Car seat installation assistance/inspections are provided by appointment. Contact Fire Headquarters at 910-455-8080 to schedule an appointment for the closest fire station to you.

How can a local business schedule a fire inspection?

If your business is in the City of Jacksonville or the ETJ (Extra Territorial Jurisdiction), please telephone the Fire Prevention Division at 910-455-8080. If your business is in the County, please contact Onslow County Emergency Services at 910-347-4270.

How do I get a copy of a fire report, a fire investigation report, OR a copy of an inspection report?

If the fire occurred in the City limits, please call Fire Headquarters at 910-455-8080.

If the business is in the City, please call Fire Headquarters at 910-455-8080.

What is the insurance rating (ISO) for the City of Jacksonville?

Class 2

Can I go to a fire station to get my blood pressure checked?

Yes. You can stop by any fire station and personnel will be able to assist you.

What do I do with old gasoline/oil/paint/fuel/chemicals that I don't want?

Call the City of Jacksonville Sanitation Department at 910-938-5337 for guidance on how to dispose of items.