Agility Test and Physicals

In recent years there has been a growing realization that the selection of employees for some positions must consider physical qualities such as strength, agility, stamina, and endurance. These qualities cannot be measured by written tests.

For Fire Departments, a physical agility test and a medical examination are required; not only as part of the hiring process, but annually from Jacksonville Fire and Emergency Services firefighters.

The agility test measures three fundamental elements: strength, agility and endurance. Applicants are advised to appear for the test in running shoes and loose-fitting clothing, if possible. Because of the possibility of injury or strain during the testing process, the applicant is required to sign a waiver absolving the City of Jacksonville and the examiners of any liability for physical injury incurred by the applicant during the test.

The agility test is comprised of five parts, with each section timed and is a pass/fail test. The test involves: sit ups, balance beam walk, wall jump, body drag, stretcher carry, 35 feet ladder climb, stair climb and hose raise, and a half mile run. If the time elapses prior to the completion of the test, the test is concluded and the applicant fails the test.

The medical examination is designed to determine the state of health and the proper functioning of the various organs of the body. It consists, among other things, of a measurement of height, weight, eyesight, hearing, extremities, nose, mouth and teeth, various veins, respiration and circulation, possibilities of hernia, general appearance and physique, and a determination of any disabling defects.