Prevention and Inspections

Prevention & Inspections

Fire and Emergency Services prevention and Inspections manages fire inspections within the City limits and extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ). This division also oversees fire protection requirements when a commercial building is being built or renovated, including plan reviews, permits, and associated fees, and the Knox Box program, where with one master key, firefighters can quickly gain access to commercial and residential property during emergency situations.

State Mandated Inspections

Prevention can go a long way to create a safe and fire free environment. State law requires periodic inspections of certain properties. Fire inspections help business and homeowners determine what improvements or changes need to be made to private and commercial structures.

Annual Inspections

  • Hazardous
  • Institutional
  • High rise
  • Assembly (i.e. restaurant, bar, movie theater)
  • Multi-family residential

Bi-Annual Inspections

  • Industrial
  • Educational (except public schools)

Tri-Annual Inspections

  • Business
  • Mercantile
  • Storage
  • Churches and synagogues