Fire Extinguishers

alarm-316543Fire Extinguishers - What One Do I Use?

  • Class A - for use with ordinary materials like cloth, wood and paper
  • Class B - for use with combustible and flammable liquids like grease, gasoline, oil and oil-based paints
  • Class C - for use with electrical equipment like appliances, tools, or other equipment that is plugged in
  • Class D - for use with flammable metals
  • Class K - for use with vegetable oil, animal oils and fats in cooking appliances.

There are also multipurpose fire extinguishers that might be labeled "B-C" or "A-B-C." Most home improvements stores carry multipurpose fire extinguishers that cover Class A through Class C.

For additional information on fire extinguishers, visit Fire extinguisher information

Public Education

Jacksonville Fire and Emergency Services provide education on how to use a fire extinguisher, provide a variety of presentation on Fire Life Safety Education, smoke detector installs, and home inspections (an Assistant Fire Marshal will walk through your home and provide guidance on fire life Safety) just to name a few.

Fore more information, please call the prevention Division at 910-455-8080.