Alligator Weed Management

2019-05-AlligatorWeedTreatment-LM-IMG_5568Alligator Weed Management 

Alligator weed is an invasive species of plant that creeps and grows along the waterways of the New River, our streams and creeks. The City’s Stormwater Division takes action annually to curb the growth of Alligator Weed by introducing Flea Beetles on patches of weed in the water. 

The Flea Beetle is native to Florida and eats Alligator weed as a main diet. This eco-friendly method of treatment has not only helped to not only curb growth locally, but does not introduce any harmful chemicals or species to our waterways. 

For more information about Alligator Weed visit the US Department of Agriculture  

For more information about Flea Beetles, please visit