Living & Visiting

Our Vision

The City of Jacksonville has a vision. To provide the leadership, vision, and oversight necessary to ensure the responsible stewardship of Jacksonville’s environment and natural resources, for the effective and efficient delivery of municipal services, and for the proper planning for the future.

Camp Lejeune, Camp Geiger & New River Air Station

Jacksonville is proud to be the home to Camp Lejeune and the New River Air Station and blessed with natural beauty enhanced by the New River and its waterways. The City of Jacksonville is a great place to live and work.

A Caring Community

Life within the City limits has benefits, safe environments created by nationally accredited Fire and Police departments, beautiful and enjoyable parks, family and fun activities by the Recreation and Parks Department, and an infrastructure making it all work.

The Mayor and Jacksonville City Council have set a tone that provides environmental protection from water and sewer installations, development guidance that ensure green space and landscaping, encouragement of redevelopment and activities to revitalize established areas, and practices that have provided for a budget with an adequate reserve to accomplish tasks intended to maintain and improve the quality of life in the City.

Part of the development guides from the council has been a legacy of a network of sidewalks. Initially wanting safe walking areas, the legacy has grown to include a much used set of trails used by bikers, joggers, walkers, stroller-pushers, and runners.

Walkers on trailClean & Green

Launched with little fanfare, Clean & Green has been a successful and still-evolving campaign to make the city greener and cleaner. Community cleanups have been held and the City has taken over mowing in areas where they were infrequently cared for before. The City has launched beautification projects intended to delight the eye, while sending a message that this community cares about its image as well as its citizens.

Energy efficiency has been sought in applications of grant funds to lessen electrical consumption at City facilities, to lessen the gas consumption of City vehicles, and to evaluate activities for the power impact.

The Clean & Green effort follows on a decade of environmentalism that the City launched with a pledge to help restore water quality in the New River. This effort continues with water quality and flood control projects.