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Why Does it Matter?

The Census determines how revenues are shared among governments, how businesses make decisions about where to locate, and impacts in countless other ways. 

In 2010 more than 30,000 persons were not counted in Onslow County for various reasons. One reason, was that they did not fill out their forms. In 2020, that number may be even more.

2020 Census figures determined Onslow County’s population is 170,355 and the City of Jacksonville’s population is 72,723 a slight increase from the 2010 count of 70,145. It is estimated the actual City population is around 82,000, as some military members and youth living in Jacksonville were not counted. 

Miscounts result in our area missing out on resources and attention. In 2010, one estimate is that $402 million was lost over the decade in pass-through funds to this county. 

Active Duty, Deployed and Veterans Count HereYou Count Here!

The Jacksonville Onslow Complete Count committee put forth a campaign to help educate the public about the need for an accurate count for our community. The main message was and still is, that everyone counts here. 

Military Members Count Here. For military citizens, filling out your Census form for Jacksonville and Onslow County does not change your home of record or tax based residence. It is important you are counted here, even if you are here for a short time. By filling out the Census, you are ensuring a better future and more resources for the military member who will be stationed here when you leave.

Born On Or Before April, 1, You Count HereDeployed Members Count Here. The old rule has been changed that if this is the base you deployed from and intend to return to, you count here. Watch for special instructions from the Department of Defense on this.

Veterans Count Here. Veterans were also not well represented in the 2010 Census. The number the Census has is far less than what officials believe are here.

Young and Old Count Here. Jacksonville and Onslow County had a significant number of children up to 5 years old who were not counted in the 2010 Census. This resulted in fewer funds being allocated in our community.

Everyone in Your Home Counts Here. Anyone, no matter the age, living in your home (even temporarily) on April 1, 2020, counts for Onslow County.

Census Resources

Census Questions, Why We Ask (PDF)

Redistricting for the City has been completed in response to the 2020 Census data. Redistricting information for the City is available. 

The median age for the City of Jacksonville is approximately 23, the youngest City in America (2018 Census estimates.) The state median age is 37.4. For more information on the 2020 census, please visit the American Fact Finder.