Demographics & Population Estimates

The census determines how revenues are shared among governments, how businesses make decisions about where to locate, and impacts in countless other ways. The 2010 census was published at the beginning of 2010. All of Onslow County is considered the Jacksonville Metropolitan Statistical Area or MSA. You may see this referred to in national reviews of publications. The Jacksonville MSA population is the same as the county.

2010 census figures have determined Onslow County's population 170,355 and the City of Jacksonville's population of 70,145. It is estimated the actual City population is 81,612, as some military living in Jacksonville were not counted. Redistricting for the City has been completed in response to the 2010 census data. Redistricting information for the City is available.

The median age for the City of Jacksonville is 22.9. The state median age is 37.4. For more information on the 2010 census, please visit the American Fact Finder.