Ward Maps

City Voting Wards

2021WardAndRepresentationMap-Updatedto show 2022 Election Results Opens in new windowAfter each Census, the voting wards must be adjusted to follow the mandate of equal representation. Only the Census count is used as the basis for the creation of the wards which must be within a few percent of each other.

What’s My Ward?

Your Political Address Graphic Link Opens in new windowSee the map below or you can visit the Onslow Board of Elections or State Board of Elections website and look up your voter record. It will return to you your political addresses including your ward address. If you live in the City but do not see a ward address, call the Onslow Board of Elections for information. Note that because you might have a Jacksonville mailing address, you may not be in the City limits. Not sure what voting ward you are in? Find your street with Online Mapping.

Helpful links

Onslow Board of Elections - Election Ballots and Results

NC State Board of Elections - Click on Voter Tools for information on your voting district and ward.