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Posted on: November 4, 2021

City Council Adopts Redistricting of City Voting Wards

City Council Meeting Nov 3, 2021 - Redistricting Hearing

City Council Adopts Redistricting of City Voting Wards 


City Council voted unanimously to accept the recommendations of the Citizen appointed Redistricting Advisory Committee to redraw the City’s 4 Voting Wards at the City Council Workshop on November 3, 2021.  Ernie Wright, spokesman for the Redistricting Advisory Committee, presented the recommendations and spoke about the criteria the committee used to make their recommendations. 

Deadlines for redistricting relies on the federal release of the US Census numbers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 Census data needed for cities to complete the required redistricting was delayed. By action of the State Legislature, elections across North Carolina in municipalities utilizing voting wards, including the City of Jacksonville, originally scheduled for November 2, 2021, were rescheduled for March 8, 2022. This law only changes the date for the 2021 elections and will not affect any future elections.

Cities have until November 17, 2021 to complete their redistricting maps and notify the appropriate board of elections and the act by City Council on November 3, 2021 to adopt the options provided by the Redistricting Advisory Committee enables Jacksonville to meet that deadline. With the November 17 deadline met by the City, the Board of elections will be able to provide an 11 day period, December 6-17, for candidates to file for the March 8, 2022 election. 

Redistricting work, meetings and the approved map of the City’s 4 Voting Wards is available online on the City’s website    

Jacksonville's Redistricting webpage
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