What forms of payment does the city accept?
Cash, check, or money orders are accepted forms of payment. All checks are subject to electronic verification. Returned checks are subject to a $25 service charge.

To pay via our IVR system by credit card or check by phone call 910-938-5248. Be prepared to have your utility account number, checking account routing code, and checking account number ready. We accept both debit and credit cards having a Visa or Mastercard logo by telephone or in person.

Utility Billing also offers convenient Automatic Bank Draft. Just create an account in our Online Customer Portal and set up your monthly draft and payment date. Enroll here Auto Pay.

Paying with Credit or bank draft? You can pay online.

For customer convenience there is an after-hours drop box located beside the drive up window at City Hall. Dropped off payments will be credited at opening the next business day. Please, do not put cash in the night drop.

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