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Privilege License Application


  1. 1. Business Name Information
  2. 2. Owner Information
  3. 3. Business Location Information
  4. 4. Business Type Information
  5. 5. Manager / Business Information
  • Business Name Information

    1. Instructions
      This is an application for privilege to do business inside the city limits of Jacksonville. Please complete the entire application. If an item does not apply, enter ‘N/A’ in the available space.
    2. If different from business name
    3. Include all activities. Please note that if it is a tattoo business you are required to provide a copy of an Onslow County Health Department Certificate with this application.
    4. Please provide your Onslow County Health Department Certificate if you are a tattoo business.
    5. If different from street address
    6. Does your business have more than one location in North Carolina?*