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Required Fire Code - Construction & Operational Permits - Application

  1. Application for Required Fire Code - Construction & Operational Permits
    All information must be completed before application will be processed. The undersigned makes applications for permits and inspection of work described and agrees to comply with all applicable state and local codes and laws regulating the work. All fees are in accordance to the Service and Permit fee schedule based on work description.
  2. Fee Calculations
    Fee Calculations are doubled when work is started prior to obtaining a permit. Details to follow in this form
  3. Permit Type*
    Please select one
  4. Enter Square Footage of Building. (See Fee Calculations for applicable cost.)
  5. Plans Submitted with Application*
  6. Fee Calculations
    Check all that apply. Please note that any after hours inspections will incur an additional $80 fee. (Regular hours are Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM, all other hours are considered after hours.)
  7. Required Operational Fire Permits
    An Operational Fire Permit allows the applicant to conduct an operation of a business for which a permit is required by the NC Fire Prevention Code. The prescribed duration of the operational permit is the same as the frequency of the state mandated fire inspection schedule for the given type of occupancy. The initial fee for an operational permit is waived if a construction permit of the same type has been issued immediately prior to the operational permit.
  8. Required Construction Fire Permits
    A Construction Fire Permit allows the applicant to install or modify systems and equipment for which a permit is required by the NC Fire Prevention Code and identified in the City Fee Schedule.
  9. Will you be submitting Construction Plans electronically? *
  10. Please provide name of responsible party for plan submittal, valid telephone number and email address:
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  12. The request to amend the above referenced permit was approved on ______________________ by ____________________________________. Completion of this form constitutes amendment of the permit.
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