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Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. How Are We Doing? Jacksonville Public Safety, Police Department is conducting a customer satisfaction survey. We will be utilizing the answers to better assist our citizens in providing more efficient and effective services. Please fill out the following questions to the best of your knowledge. Would like to receive additional information, as well as, invitations to upcoming meetings and events? Provide your contact info here and Thank you for taking the Customer Service Survey!
  2. 1- Are you a resident of Jacksonville?*
  3. 2 - Is your business located in the City of Jacksonville?*
  4. 3 - In the Past year, have you or someone in your household had contact with Jacksonville Police?*
  5. 4 - If you answered 'Yes' to question 3, what type of contact did you have? Please check all that apply:
  6. For the following, please rate each question based on you opinion of your overall experience:
  7. 5 - How would you rate the overall agency performance?
  8. 6 - How would you rate the overall competence of the agency employees?
  9. For the following questions please provide a brief narative:
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