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Citizen Feedback Survey

  1. Please fill out the following questions based on your experience with the Jacksonville Police Department/911 Dispatch Center personnel. We appreciate your feedback!
  2. 1- Are you a resident of Jacksonville?*
  3. 2 - Do you own a business in the City of Jacksonville?*
  4. 3 - In the past year, have you or someone in your household had contact with Jacksonville Police or Jacksonville 911 Dispatch? (If you answer no, skip to question 21)*
  5. 4 - If you answered 'Yes' to question 3, what type of contact did you have? Please check all that apply:
  6. Please rate your overall experience based on your answer(s) to Question 4 (Only answer those that you checked in Question 4)
  7. 8- Reported a crime
  8. 9- Victim of a Crime
  9. 10- Witness to a crime
  10. 11- Requested Information
  11. 12- Involved in a Traffic Accident
  12. 13- Witnessed a traffic accident
  13. 14- Attended a public event
  14. 15- 9-1-1 call
  15. 16- RUOK wellness call
  16. 17- Other
  17. 18 - How would you rate the overall agency performance?
  18. 19- How would you rate the overall competence of the agency employees?
  19. 21- What primary community concern do you believe needs to be addressed by Jacksonville Police?*
  20. 22- To what degree do you agree or disagree with the following statement: I am concerned with safety and security within the City of Jacksonville.*
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