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8th Annual Pickleball Tournament Entry Form

  1. 8th Annual Pickleball Tournament - March 1-4, 2018

    Registration Form

  2. Early Registration: November 14, 2017-January 26, 2018

    $25 for first event, $5 per additional event

  3. Late Registration: January 29, 2018-February 9, 2018

    $30 for first event, $5 per additional event

  4. Gender:*

  5. Tournament Schedule (TENTATIVE)

    **Friday, March 2 Men's & Women's Doubles **Saturday, March 3 Mixed Doubles

  6. Event Categories:

    Please select all brackets you wish to play in:

  7. Women's or Men's Doubles

  8. Mixed Doubles

  9. General Release

    In consideration of this entry being accepted and desiring to be legally bound to myself, my heirs, assign, executors, administrators, etc. I am aware that there are risks and dangers inherent in participation and/or receiving instruction in this activity. I hereby release the sponsors, officials, City of Jacksonville, and all those associated with this event, of all claims for injuries and damages incurred or arising from my participation in the Pickleball Tournament, and any other photograph, videotape, motion picture, recording and any other record of this even my likeness, name for any purpose, including publicity material.

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  11. Payment:

    You will be contacted for payment of your fees. **PLEASE NOTE: if you do not provide your partner's name at the time of submission, your registration will be consider incomplete and will not be accepted.

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