Shaun Hayes

Administrative Division
Title: Deputy Chief
Phone: 910 938-5002

Chief Hayes is responsible for developing, directing, coordinating and supervising fire code enforcement; responsible for fire investigations; supervising in-company inspections program fire and life safety training activities; ensuring compliance with NFPA and OSHA standards and regulations; preparing and maintaining training files and records. Hayes is also the co-accreditation manager.

Began service with Jacksonville Fire - January 7, 2006
Firefighter Trainee - 2006-2013
Driver/Operator I and II - 2013
Fire Inspector, Fire Prevention Division - August 29, 2013
Assistant Fire Marshal
Division Chief of Safety and Standards - December 2015
Assistant Fire Chief - August 5, 2017

Certifications Include:
Firefighter I and II
Driver/Operator Aerial, Pumps and EVD
Fire Life Safety Educator I, II and III
Fire Officer I and II
General Instructor I and II
HazMat Level I
Technical Rescuer VMR
NC Fire Inspector III and NC Qualified Instructor

Chief Hayes has a Bachelor Degree in Fire & Emergency Services Administration.

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