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Holiday Home Decorating Contest

  1. The City of Jacksonville Environmental and Appearance Advisory Committee (JEAAC) invites you to nominate a festively decorated house for the Holiday Home Decorating Contest! Winners will receive a special yard sign, a commemorative award, and recognition during a City Council meeting as well as on the City's social media pages and on G10 TV. All entries will be judged on the basis of theme/design, creativity, and participation. Contest participants may have photographs and/or video taken of their home for promotional purposes. Official Rules: Deadline for all entries is December 16, 2019. The nominated residence must be located within the City of Jacksonville. People and/or live animals are not allowed to be part of the display. The contest is limited to what can be seen from the street view of the house. To nominate a residence, please fill out this online form:

  2. Holiday Decorating Contest 2019

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    By agreeing you give permission for the City of Jacksonville to use photographs or video of your home for the 2016 Holiday Home Decorating Contest for promotional purposes. (Your address, phone number or any other personal information will be not publicized.)

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